Know more about me


Hi I'm Shripad Mhetre

A Software Engineer 2 at Dell Technologies, where I work with Dell APEX (Dell's On-Prem as a Service multi-cloud and HCI offerings). Currently, working with APEX SaaS Platform Engineering Team to build Bare Metal Platform Services. Here, my responsibilities involve taking care of design & development of few critical microservices within the Dell's management plane, collaborating with external teams to manage DevOps, SRE and other service dependencies, etc.
Also In past, worked with APEX Offer Engineering Team to deliver Storage service offering under APEX catalog of cloud services.

Before this, I was Software Engineer at Persistent Systems Pune, where I worked with IBM IAM Product Development Team to modernize the Identity Management & Governance Product from monolith to microservice architecture & then worked with IAM Compliance Team to develop custom IAM solutions to help with Access Certification Campaigns and help reduce manual efforts of support team for various clients.

I was intern at SmartServ, a SaaS startup for On-Field workers in US & Canada. Where I worked on building Notification Scheduler Engine & Management Framework, the central service for all things notifications.

I've also held multiple positions with the Software Development Section, COEP throughout my college years where I've contributed to and lead several teams which serviced both in-house and external clients.

I enjoy conducting hands-on technical workshops, read about few of my previous ones here, here and here.


Get in touch with me if you would like to have a conversation or just to discuss Tech :)